Success can be defined by people in many different ways. I define it as my personal journey, a way to conquer some of my past disappointments. As an older person, I see the fulfillment of my projects as a momentous achievement that I have waited for years to finish.

Younger ones may see success as the end goal of getting a better job or moving up and being counted among the educated. Still, success means finishing a journey that I started some years back. Still, things got in the way of my trip, so success is really a personal one for me.

The strategies that I will employ will not differ from what I do on a day-to-day basis. I can only write from my perspective. My years of being in the workforce have allowed me to develop a systematic approach to things that has served me quite well and will help me learn and keep me on track with my assignments.

  1. I like to use note-taking and project management apps since I use these at my employment to keep on track with projects and training. I employ their use for keeping notes and scheduling out my time for my courses and class submissions.
  2. Second, I will try to remain as active as possible in the community. I am a self-learner; being in my own world may distract me. I engage with other creators to help me get an edge on what I am learning, and hopefully someone’s comments, perspectives, or thoughts may help me not just to understand but to be able to focus better on the subject at hand.
  3. I will also ask lots of questions, which can help me mentally form the best way to handle a problem since different perspectives provide me with a better view of the subject I am learning.

However, I do have some concerns about my projects. I know that it will be tight, and there may be times when I finish the assignment at the last minute. Although, I work full-time and work long hours on presentations needed by my firm I do hope that I can finish everything on time and will do my best to do so.