May 25, 2024

Here is something from The Urban Dictionary: stoked “stoked” – adjective – to be “stoked” is to be thoroughly and intensely enthusiastic, exhilarated, or excited about something. When one is considered stoked, there is no limit to what one can do. Being stoked about something helps you to create and conceive projects must faster.

For example, when I begin a new campaign for my firm, I start to view what the competitors are doing, run some analytics on the keyword or long-tail keyword phrases, review and examine which keywords work better for our campaign. I also use Google searches and look at other forms of analytics to give me an idea of the direction that I want to take. 

In addition, our firm works with three other agencies that guide me in the direction that I am looking to take. This post is not about the tools or guidance but the drive you need to get things done. I like to think I have the drive to work on projects and ideas. However, I am at heart an entrepreneur who has always worked for someone else.

The reason is that if my career went financially sour, I would have a form of income still coming in. Some years back, I built a small start-up, got seed money, purchased equipment, and leased office space in Bridgeport, CT. It was my baby an excellent place to work, after work. The start-up was successful for a short time but eventually, dealing with city officials, taxes, and lease agreements made me less stoked than when I started. 

The reality is that I let the forces around me dampened my zeal about what I was doing. We were a kind of hybrid innovation space. I taught inner-city kids and adults technology for a small fee. They could come in for free, use the Wi-Fi, the software applications and work on projects, resumes, and their start-ups, which I funded with the seed money I received.

It was like a think-tank area for the inner-city; unfortunately, it was not received well by the politicians and the surrounding businesses. There were co-working spaces for rent and computer training courses nearby that you could pay for, but what inner-city kid whose family is struggling has that type of money?

I approached several establishments that touted themselves as valuable resources to the community to see if we could enter into some partnership; again, their courses or workspaces were unavailable for those who could not afford it. My co-working space was free, comfortable, opened until 10:30 pm, and a safe environment. They only had to follow simple rules of orderliness, courtesy, and respect.

The valuable lesson was not to fall victim to the negative vibes around you. If you are stoked about your idea, get it off the ground as fast as possible if you linger and procrastinate. It’s best to leave that idea alone and find a project that you are passionate about!

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