June 18, 2024


People can define success in many different ways. I describe it as my personal journey, a way to conquer some of my past disappointments. As an older person, I see the fulfillment of my projects as a momentous achievement that I have worked hard to finish.

Younger ones may see success as the end goal of getting a better job or moving up and being counted among the educated elite. Success for me means finishing a journey that I started some years back. Things got in the way of my trip, so success is really a personal journey for me that I continue on and not defined by materialism, or any such vices that seem to trip many up. The journey for me is the sense of accomplishment I feel when I have done a job that benefits others.

The strategies that I have learned to employ helped me develop my own systematic approach to accomplishing projects. It has served me quite well and keeps me on track with my assignments.

  1. I use note-taking and project management apps since I use these to keep track of new creative projects. I employ their use for keeping notes and scheduling out my time as well making sure I can see an overview of my work.
  2. I remain as active as possible in web development, project management, and men’s wear community. I am a self-learner; I heavily engage with other creators to help me get an edge on what I am working on. Hopefully, the comments, perspectives, or thoughts of others help me understand and fine-tune my focus on the subject or project at hand.
  3. I ask lots of questions, which can help me mentally form the best approach; different perspectives provide a better view of the project. The diversity of thought helps me see angles I myself did not consider.

Although I work long hours developing applications and working in men’s wear, I hope that I can finish everything on time and do my best to do so. Thanks for taking the time to read my musings with the hope that I can inspire others to do the same.

This was the masthead for the first Toro Media Group site started 1998
Toro Media Group briefly changed its name to Rift Media for two years, and was spun off to create a men’s fashion blog called “The Dicky Bow”
The Dicky Bow started 20 years ago and when through several iterations throughout the years
The next iteration included the logo of the bull with a bow tie. We also spun off a venture called Papillon Cravatta for event marketing
The final iteration took place in 2019 with the new logo, before closing down in August 2021.

So I included a brief history of my ventures. I also had Toro Media Group which continued as a separate site mostly for business information and to handle private branding work. There was a full-blown company that sprung from Toro Media Group, called Park City Desktop, a training facility that was started for new designers.

Park City Desktop – lasted 3 years as a training facility 2013-2015
My last iteration of the Toro Media Group website before all was merged to the current site at erictoro.com

It was a nice ride and even though I never really grew the ventures like I intended to do. I learned valuable lessons about running a business and dealing with clients and vendors. On conducting an honest business with a solid business plan in place and how to manage the bottom line. I enjoyed the love of working on new ventures and the challenges that they presented. If you are interested in hiring Toro Media Group for your marketing needs. You can click this link. We have a small collection of us working independently but do get together to take on specific assignments. If you would like to schedule an appointment use our Zcal scheduler below.