June 18, 2024
In today's world, there is plenty of advice on what men should wear and the colors that seem to be in fashion.

In today’s world, there is plenty of advice on what men should wear and the colors that seem to be in fashion. There is also plenty of counsel on how men communicate with their female counterparts. Many of the pleasantries between men and women have become lost or distorted. 

Being old-fashioned, I believe in a nice haircut, well-fitted clothes, nice shoes, and manners. These are the things that help us to find the woman that we hope to spend our lives with. 

So with that in mind, here are my top-ten things for us men:

  1. Dress like a man; fads, crazy hues, brilliant shiny material, and tight clothes that are bigger than you detract from your appearance and make you look foolish and immature.
  2. Have a wardrobe of quality items for different functions and occasions. These include suits and shirts for work and pleasure, well-made ties, shoes for work, and for an evening out with your wife or fiance.
  3. Be refined, try new experiences in food and drink, learn about culture, customs, and read a book. The world is fascinating; that is why God created it as our habitation.
  4. Be courteous, and appreciate an intelligent, educated woman who has accomplished goals in her life. Some men are insecure when a woman has done more or made more money than they have; how stupid, they have dreams too.
  5. Have open and honest discussions with those around you but be tactful and choose your words carefully.
  6. Be humble and willing to admit mistakes; you will earn the respect of others. Be the bigger man, even those that do not like you will respect you. A jerk is never appreciated.
  7. Family and friends matter; a man’s measure of wealth is not defined by belongings but by relationships with those around him.
  8. Read the Bible, the most remarkable book ever written.
  9. Do not sell yourself short, have realistic goals and expectations when you set out to accomplish a goal.
  10. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by those who do not have your best interest at heart. Educate yourself, read, research, and analyze the information presented. Some of the worst advice on how to dress yourself comes from so-called fashion magazines. Have you seen some of the guys in GQ; do people really dress like that?

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