July 16, 2024
Stile Latino

An Italian brand founded by Cesare Attolini, they do not have a large following on YouTube but another clothes horse that I know happens by chance on the videos on the YouTube platform.

He sent me the link because while he was watching them, he noticed that the style of clothing and the way they were worn is similar to my style. He was right, the same style choices with slight variations. The videos are older but there was one shot in February of this year. I like their videos and the style of clothes so I wanted to share them with anyone reading my posts. Great videos, great style with beautiful background music. The company produces made-to-measure garments true to the Neapolitan style of clothing which is great to me. I went on their website and hopefully, I can get a suit made I just have to get some new measurements here in the United States.

I will follow them and encourage anyone looking to purchase some fine Italian clothing to check them out, Stile Latino.

In the meantime, please check out their videos on YouTube.

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