Wearing classic men’s wear will always be a passion of mine. I know that there are plenty of men’s wear sites and so-called experts online that critique and make commentary on the state of men’s wear. They take great pictures of youthful-looking men wearing fabulous clothes put them on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter and they for the most part become influencers on various social media platforms.

These so-called influencers hope that their large following influence or convince certain companies to make beneficial deals with them with the hope that they will reap the benefits of such so-called influencers.

Even GQ magazine highlights whom they deem some of the best-dressed men and hope to benefit from their social media presence. The reality is that these so-called influencers are really not that knowledgable, they may stumble on some nice items but they have are mot steeped in wearing fine clothing they know high-end trendy wear, and their use of marketing tools, provides the veneer of authenticity but a true wearer knows better.

I am not knocking their hustle but it’s sad to see where marketing oneself takes the place of the true know-how.

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