July 16, 2024
Brooks Brothers Branded Seiko time piece
Patek Philippe

I love wearing a good watch or as they said in the old days a well-crafted timepiece. When it comes to watches, there are some things to keep in mind the type of watch that you are contemplating, the brand or maker of the watch, its complications, the materials used to create the watch, and its craftsmanship.

A watch is like an investment not only in time management but it says something about the person. According to Horologists there are 3 complications but I am not an expert so here they are:

  • Perpetual Calendar – The mechanism that automatically takes into account the varied number of days in each month as well as the leap year.
  • Tourbillion – This has to do with gravity, by mounting the delicate balance wheel and its related components in a carriage that rotates on its axis. These mechanisms work together to cancel out the negative effects of gravity. Only to be found in the best of watches from what I understand.
  • Minute repeater – this is like an orchestra on your watch. If you cannot hear it, hold the watch to your ear. It is a mechanism that produces different sound sequences base on the hour, quarter-hour, and minutes. 

There are a few excellent references that you can learn from:

  • The Urban Gentry – No longer run by Tristano Geoffrey Veneto was an excellent learning source, there was a lot of hoopla surrounding him and the demise of his YouTube channel but regardless of it. His information was still well-researched
  • Watchbox reviews – Another YouTube channel with Watchbox’s Tim Mosso, never personally watched the channel but saw him interviewed he is very knowledgeable about timepieces, and their inner workings.
  • Watchbox – Watchbox 101 loads of information on watches and on movements, materials, craftsmanship, and brands. I believe they now own the Urban Gentry YouTube channel.
  • FHH (Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie) – A not-for-profit foundation set up by Audemars Piguet, Girard-Perregaux, and Richemont, the objective is to promote and spread the reputation of watchmaking excellence around the world.

There are other resources however these are top-notch, and between them, you should be able to get a good understanding of watches and their makeup.

You can tell a man’s taste and preferences by the type of watch he wears. I do not mean the most expensive watch but how it complements his attire and his overall look. The watch should not overtake the wardrobe but should work in harmony with the wardrobe you have on.

As I mentioned owning a good watch is a sign of maturity, many may dispute that fact but men who wear watches tend to be more punctual and tend to consider time precious.

As time goes on, and I learn more I will expand on the virtues of having a nice watch.