Building a Social Media Platform

by etoro

Recently, a good friend asks me to help him with his social media project. I will not mention his name or project but he asks me to build a prototype of a social media platform for a specific market sector. I agreed but realized that the project was above my head, nonetheless, I took my first foray into building this using PHP, and WordPress, (this is what he suggested not me).

I hesitated at first but he purchased all the templates, add-ons, and enlisted the help of another WordPress specialist with me being the chief architect.

I tell you this I did build the first working prototype and tested the modules, created the menus, created a number of onboarding screens but I did not like my work and I did not like the process.

For me building something should start with sketches, I like to wireframe my designs, play around with things so as to understand how the user intends to interact with the site. Also, we had two different goals, he wanted something up quickly and I wanted to sit down and brainstorm features and create wireframes so as to create something a person could actually use.

I will show you in pictures how I start my process but just to let you know that the images do not reflect the project I am speaking about but they are images of a process I use when I try to map out a user interface.

Writing a narrative or comparison
Building wireframes

After these steps, I often show my work to the clients for feedback. This could go on for days since I prefer to think about what we are accomplishing rather than just going all out and building something we have no idea how to use or how to market?

So for now, I will leave you and I will showcase my next steps in the next blog post.



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