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In the early days of my career, I did plenty of design and presentation work with the advent of technology and the growing trend of work in the digital space, and designers had to be well-rounded and familiar with programming and other new technologies.

At JP Morgan Investment Management, we had seven junior designers, and two lead designers (I was one of the two). Six desktop publishers, six production people, and two proofreaders, along with all the systems needed to produce high-quality artwork all in-house. I had many great collaborative experiences with the team at JP Morgan Investment Management.


At The Bank of New York, I was able to learn more about software development since I worked in the department that handled software installations. So it was nice having a testing facility for software and learning the basics of programming and operating systems. At RMCB, it was my first serious venture into the web, and I learned HTML 3.2, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, PhotoShop, and QuarkXpress. At JP Morgan, we used Aldus Pagemaker, which was purchased by Adobe, and it is the predecessor of Indesign.

Along the way, I worked as a database programmer designing front ends for Access. I built some rudimentary software and learned more web languages, becoming a jack of all trades and master of none. I had to develop a more diverse skill set to care for the marketing department.

In fact, for two years, I served as the unofficial IT director when they asked me to step while they find a full-time IT director. They fired the current IT director and asked me to handle the workload while they search for a new hire (that was a good experience).

I also built my first functional e-commerce platform for my company. I wrote and developed the front-end, and I hired a back-end developer to tie the site to the proper gateway and systems needed to process payments.

I had a good time learning and continue to do so today. The media has also evolved, and while desktop publishing for print is still needed, you also have to incorporate other mediums like the web, film, mobile, and desktop to round up your marketing efforts (like I have done).

Things change, and we realized that we must change as well. I have become well versed in different technologies, and it is an ongoing process. I live in the digital space, and I think I would not have it any other way.


Eric Toro (Toro Media Group)

Thank you @ossia for writing this helpful article.

The Story of MyCodeSchool: Tragedy, Triumph, and Two Friends Who Changed Programmer Education Forever


1. HTML(1-2 Weeks)
2. CSS (4-8 Weeks)
3. JavaScript(3-9 Weeks)
4. React/Angular(1-12 Months)

Do projects

1. Personal Portfolio
2. E-commerce
3. Blog
4. Web Application

If you are dedicated 2-3 hrs every day, you will become a Pro.

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