This light-hearted video by Aaron Christian shows what happens at Pitti Uomo. Pitti Uomo is a biannual gathering that draws retailers, editors, and menswear enthusiasts from around the globe.

I like to dress but I keep a low profile it is just me. However at Pitti Uomo a four-day long menswear trade- show, in Florence Italy. It’s a place where attendees spend all day walking around, visiting stands, eating and enjoying the sun while catching up with fellow menswear enthusiasts.

It has also become a prime spot for the top street style photographers to document and take pictures of stylish men. According to this mockumentary, It’s become a peacock parade where the men show off their outfits in all their glory hoping to get their picture taken by the top photographers.

Aaron Christian’s approach to the subject is quite comical, the way that fully grown men strut around subtly trying their best to get their picture taken. Like I said I keep a low profile but with the rise of Instagram, Pinterest, and the selfie I wonder if we are all peacocks by nature? Well, enjoy the video and you can find it on YouTube.

The Life Of Pitti Peacocks – Pitti Uomo Mockumentary
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