Just recently, I had a beautiful suit made, it was a six-on-two double breasted with patch pockets. Very different and very stylish and yet one problem arose, in the initial fit the jacket was actually cut too small. They just finished making me two suits that fit superb and now the third one was cut too small. So it does fit but a little too snug for me and my arms feel a little constricted in movement.

It highlights one thing, that bespoke and made-to-measure is still the only way to go but keep in mind that human error does occur. In these situations, there is never a need to get bent out of shape. The tailor realized it and fortunately for me, they will cut my jacket again free of charge but I will have to wait 4 weeks for the new jacket to come back. Remember that well-made clothes is an art and even artists can make mistakes even if the mistake is small like 1″ (inch) in the measurement. Below is an image of me wearing the suit at the tailor.

Made-to-measure suit
Six-on-two double breasted wit patch pockets.
Mistakes Made in Made-to-Measure Suit
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